Cattle Feeding Barn (scroll down for image)

1. Main Entrance: Entrance used by equipment such as the tractor and Total Mixed Ration mixer.

2. Office: Adminstration office for record keeping and training.

3. Animal Access Door: This elevated door allows cattle to easily enter from a trailer.

4. Hay Storage: Hay is stored in the barn and is used as a feed ingredient.

5. Openings with Curtains: Large openings let in fresh air and sunlight. Curtains are raised or lowered to maintain a comfortable environment for the cattle.

6. Cattle Housing Area: Cattle are located in the housing area of the barn.

7. Feeding Area: Cattle are provided feed rations with 80% corn.

8. Animal Handling Area: Cattle receive treatments such as vaccinations in this area.

9. Manure Storage: Manure is stored separately for later use as a natural nutrient source for growing crops, enhancing the environmental sustainability of the farm.

10. Animal Care Area: This area is reserved for any animals that may need veterinary care.

11. Pivoting Gates: Gates in the barn pivot to create different configurations.

12. Roof: The roof provides shelter for cattle and contains ventilation structures to support air movement.

13. Feed Ingredient and Straw Storage: Feed ingredients are stored for subsequent mixing into a complete and nutritionally balanced ration. Straw is also stored for use as bedding material for the cattle.