The Canada Corn Fed Beef Quality Assurance Program

ccfb_quality_assurance_logo_4c-finalRecognizing the importance of food safety and quality protocols on the farm and throughout the supply chain, a comprehensive Canada Corn Fed Beef Quality Assurance Program was created. Developed by the Ontario Cattle Feeders’ Association, the quality assurance program integrates food safety and quality management. The program consists of three components: registration and audit, good production practises (GPPs) and cattle identification with record keeping. Registered producers are responsible for implementing and following all procedures. The ultimate goal of the quality assurance program is to produce a naturally great tasting product that is consistently tender and juicy.

The Quality Assurance Program consists of three interlocking components.

qa-program-11) Farmer Registration and Audit
Registration in the Canada Corn Fed Beef (CCFB) program requires the farm to successfully complete a CCFB audit upon enrolment and additional audits to maintain registration.

2) Good Production Practises
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Canada Corn Fed Beef farmers complete training in Good Production Practises (GPPs) to ensure animal health and welfare and the production of high quality beef.

3) Cattle Identification and Record Keeping (learn more)
Hyperlink Each animal in the Canada Corn Fed Beef program is individually identified with a Radio Frequency (RFID) ear tag which is recorded in Canada’s national cattle identification database.

The highest quality beef is produced by carefully specifying feed ingredients, monitoring animal health as well as maintaining low stress handling practises.